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"If every company had the attitude of Sailing Club Software,
club organization would be so much more simple"

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Sailing Club Software Ltd (SCS) is a partnership of four people - sailors, club members, programmers and businessmen. We work together because we see the need for a membership system designed specifically to meet the needs of sailing clubs.

Mike and Sue are IT professionals with a customer-facing background in bespoke applications and are the authors of Medusa. Developed initially for their own club, yet always with the intention of making it generally available.

John and Richard are the brains behind DutyMan and bring business, customer support and web development skills to the partnership.

Between us we know how to run a business and how to run a sailing club; how to develop reliable software and how to look after customers

But when a club makes a major investment in software it is interested not only in functionality and support today. It also has to be confident in commitment and on-going development into the future. SCS has been structured to ensure the partnership remains strong and coherent in years to come, reflecting the reality that partners may wish to leave and allowing new people with valuable skills to join. Much as a club's officers rotate yet the club's operations continue we see SCS evolving over time yet continuing to offer the same great service.

This means that your club can be confident that

  • SCS is here today to provide and support quality software
  • SCS has a clear vision of its roadmap for the future
  • SCS is committed to protecting your investment

Sailing Club Software - it's all in the name

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